Hello, the new menu is very nice but nothing functional:
  • Before, to open what I want, I had to select the icon of the site that I have to open: Order - you only select the ORDER icon, Products - only select the PRODUCTS icon.
Now the menu is more for a web page:
  • The ICON opens a menu where I have to open another menu where it is the option that I have to select.
  • The icon and name don't open anything until you go to the submenu - wasted time and more work to open what you want.
  • The MENU and the SUBMENU open overlapping the open content (in Z)
The solution:
  • Configurable icons for quick access: Order, Inventory....as it was before!
  • The icon with the text "Order" that is active - when selecting the text that opens the last one you had selected from the SUB MENU or that opens the complete ORDER.
  • ICONS as before but when you open the ORDERS window the SUBMENU appears with the options